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Get Rid Of Your Payroll Processing Problems Once And For All

If doing your monthly payroll is taking too long and you want to simplify it and speed it up then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Kim Kanari and I’ve been helping organizations in Kenya run their payroll quickly and error-free since 2003.

A Long History

Back in ’03 I developed Nifty Payroll and it grew popular over the years. After ten years in the market around 200 organizations were using it for their payroll processing, including some fairly large organizations with over 400 employees and some accounting/auditing firms who scrutinized all the reports to make sure they complied with the payroll rules.

A Needed Upgrade

In 2013/2014 I upgraded Nifty Payroll to PayslipMaker. I developed PayslipMaker from scratch and used my ten years experience and feedback from customers to build a payroll that’s easy to use and can handle the payroll needs of almost any kind of company or non-profit. And I built it to easily adapt to the changing payroll rules of the main statutory bodies (KRA, NHIF and NSSF) which have seen significant changes in the past few years.

Many Nifty Payroll clients have upgraded to PayslipMaker and are very happy with the new interface and improved functionality.

The “Vertical Spreadsheet”

I remained true to Nifty Payrolls special design of the “vertical spreadsheet” – a design innovation that allows you to input all your payroll data into one long form that looks like a vertically oriented excel spreadsheet, keeping you in a somewhat familiar rows and columns environment.

Here’s how PayslipMaker will make your life easier …

The 3 Main Monthly Statutory Calculations

PayslipMaker will do the PAYE, NHIF and NSSF computations for you and generate the returns in the format required … iTax for PAYE, ByProduct for NHIF, and SF24 for NSSF.

The 7 Major Monthly Reports

PayslipMaker generates the major reports required by most organizations ready for printing, emailing or uploading.

1.Payslips, 2.Payroll summaries (with supporting detail schedules), 3.Statutory returns (PAYE, NHIF and NSSF), 4.Bank transfer files for net pay, 5.HELB, 6.Pension, 7.Accounting journals.

The 2 Groups of Data You Must Track

Leave and Loans can become a nightmare if you don’t track them consistently and properly. PayslipMaker has sophisticated modules to help you with both of these.

Leave: It automically keeps track of leave earned and you can input leave used (and how used) so you always know the leave due for every employee.

Loans: It provides an interface for you to input loans and loan repayments. The software then automatically adds the loan deductions to the payslips until the loan expires. It also allows for interest calculations as well as low interest benefit computations. You can use both straight line and reducing balance methods of interest computations.

The 3 Annual Returns

With iTax the intention is to eliminate the annual returns. However, until completely rolled out to all employers countrywide the three standard year-end returns are required. These are the P10 (Employers certificate), the P10A (Supporting schedule) and the P9 (Employee summaries) reports.

If you have the full years payroll in PayslipMaker, generating these reports is the click of a button.

Most Other Reports You Might Need

In addition to the above PayslipMaker lets you generate almost any report you will need

– Payroll summaries by departments, or job titles, or any other grouping
– Lists of all deductions (including SACCO)
– Currency Requirement if paying by cash
– Signature sheets for advances and month end payments
– P10D quarterly return
– Annual audit schedule (Full-year salary info)
– Etc.

Other Useful Modules

It also has modules for computing, tracking and reporting …

– Wages (this can also be used for Overtime), and
– Advances and month-end payments

Try It Today For Free

As you can see PayslipMaker is full of useful features to make your payroll life less of a headache. Try it out today, free and with no obligation to buy, and see if it meets your needs …
Click here now to go to the Free Demo page.